Learn How To Create A Cat Sanctuary For Your Cat To Get Some Outdoor Time When You Live In An Urban Area

When you live in an urban area, it can be hard for your pets to be able to get the exercise that they need because you do not want to let them run around freely in the city because they could get run over, into a fight with another animal, or even stolen. If you want for your cat to be able to enjoy the outdoors in a safe way, consider making an outdoor sanctuary for him or her. The following guide walks you through the process of creating an amazing sanctuary for your cat.

Create a Design for the Sanctuary

You first need to create a design for the sanctuary so that you can know how much of each supply you need. You need to have a solid frame for the sanctuary so you need to determine how large it will be and how much wood you will need to create the frame. You also need to determine how much cat fencing you will need to purchase to create the safeguard around the outside of the frame so that the cat cannot get out of it and so that no animals can get into it.

Purchase the Materials to Create the Sanctuary

You can purchase most of the supplies that you would need to create the cat sanctuary at a home improvement store. You will need to go to a pet store to purchase the cat fencing and any toys or towers you may want to place inside of the sanctuary. Having things to climb and lay on will allow your cat to be able to relax while they are in their sanctuary.

Create the Frame for the Sanctuary

Once you have your materials, use a drill and screws to start to create the sanctuary. If you live in an urban area, there is a good chance that you may not have a circular saw to cut the wood. At many home improvement stores, if you know the length you need each piece cut to, they will cut it for you to make the process easier. Once you have the wood cut, you simply need to put everything together.

Add the Fencing Around the Sanctuary

You can use a staple gun to attach the fencing to the wooden frame. You need to be sure that the fencing is attached in numerous places to ensure that it is secure and does not come loose while your cat is inside of it. You can often rent a staple gun and a drill from the home improvement store, if you do not own them.

Once the sanctuary is complete, you may need to go inside of it for a few minutes to help your cat get adjusted to the new environment. You may only want to start them off in the sanctuary for a few minutes at a time so that they are not overwhelmed by the new sights and sounds that they are experiencing.