3 Excellent Features On A Pooper Scooper

Having a pooper scooper on hand when you are walking your dog can be very convenient. Having one simply to scoop the poop out of your yard is also very beneficial. Many pooper scoopers also have extra features now that make them even more easy to use. Before you choose a pooper scooper or buy pooper scooper accessories, you should explore your options. This article will discuss 3 excellent features that many pooper scoopers have. 

Easy Grip Handle 

One awesome feature on a pooper scooper is the extra grip on the handle. A lot of the time your hand will get sweaty when you are holding onto the metal handle. This can cause it to slip and slide in your hand and can make it difficult to maintain control when you are picking up the poop. The rubber grip added to the handle makes it much easier for you to firmly grasp the handle as you are maneuvering the pooper scooper to pick up the poop. This can really speed up the process and makes things much more comfortable for your hand. 

Attached Lid

You can also find several pooper scoopers that have a convenient lid attached to the top of them. There is a lever at the top of the handle that allows you to open and close this lid at your leisure. This makes it possible for you to open up the lid as you are scooping up poop and then close it once the poop is inside to ensure that it doesn't fall out. This also makes it possible for you to scoop up a larger amount of poop at one time because you don't have to worry about the poop falling off of the shovel. Also, as an added bonus, you can get scoopers that have shovels that are larger and smaller depending on your personal preference and the size of your dog's poop. 

Attached Broom

Sometimes getting poop up off of the ground can be quite difficult, especially if it is stuck hard onto the ground or if it is really wet. When this happens it can be very convenient to have something extra to help you scoop it up. Thankfully, a lot of pooper scoopers come with an attached broom that you can conveniently disconnect and use to sweep up the tougher poops. You can then easily reattach it back to the handle of the pooper scooper so you don't have one more thing to carry around with you when you are cleaning up poop.