Unusual Choices For Allergy-Friendly Pets

Do you have a child who has been begging you for a pet? Do you or someone else in your household suffer from allergies? Dogs, cats, and even hamsters and guinea pigs can shed allergy-aggravating hair and dander. It's not always easy to explain to a child that the reason that he or she can't have an adorable pet is that the pet will cause itching or sneezing. Fortunately, there are allergy-friendly pets. Birds are a good choice for some, but feather dust can also cause issues. A better choice for many households is a reptile pet. Although probably not what you would first think about when you consider getting a pet, there are many advantages to owning a reptile. Some things you might want to know about this choice are:

Many cute options: You don't have to like snakes to get a reptile as a pet. There are many other types of reptiles out there that can make good pets. You can find cute turtles and adorable leopard geckos for sale in many places. Many smaller reptiles, such as leopard geckos, can be just as playful and as full of personality as a hamster or a guinea pig might be. Even though your child might initially be disappointed at not being able to get a dog or a cat, having a playful reptile can be just as good.

Little to no allergens: Unlike mammals or birds, reptiles obviously lack fur or feathers that can be shed and cause irritation. Also unlike birds and mammals, reptiles shed their skin all at once. All mammals, including dogs, cats, and even humans, are constantly shedding old bits of skin. This skin turns into dust that can then create irritation for people with allergies. But since reptiles shed their skin in one piece or in several large pieces, these pieces can be easily collected and disposed of before they create problems. 

Not "slimy": One reason why people reject reptiles for pets is due to a perception that snakes and lizards are covered in some sort of slime. While frogs and other amphibians can be moist and, perhaps, feel a bit slimy, this is not true of reptiles. Reptiles are covered in dry skin or scales that aren't slimy at all. If you go view reptiles like snakes or leopard geckos for sale in person, you'll be able to see that these creatures aren't slimy and gross at all.