3 Important Items To Buy For Your New Kitten At The Pet Supply Store

Getting a new pet can be super fun and exciting for you. This is especially true if you are getting a new kitten. One of the best ways to prepare for getting your new kitten is to go out and purchase all of the things that your kitten will need once they arrive at your house. A great location to go to purchase these supplies is the pet supply store. You can feel confident that they will not only have the items that you need but will have a much larger variety than almost any other store. This article will discuss 3 important items to buy for your new kitten at the pet supply store:

Flea Collar 

One thing that you have to worry about when it comes to bringing your kitten home, is preparing for the possibility that the kitten may have fleas. This is definitely possible, especially if the kitten was born outside and lived its entire life outside thus far. A great way to ensure that you get rid of any fleas that your kitten does have is a flea collar. Flea collars can be purchased for different kinds of animals, as well as for animals of different sizes and ages. 

Scratch Post 

Cats and kittens alike love to scratch their claws. Since most people don't want their furniture getting scratched to pieces, it is important to purchase your cat something specifically for claw scratching. Often times something that works really well for this is a scratch post. This is essentially a piece of wood that has been covered with carpet. Some are more elaborate and have a little house on them, or perhaps some toys, but they all serve the same purpose. Most pet supply store will have a variety of scratch posts for you to choose from, thus allowing you to properly prepare for your new kitten. 

Covered Litter Box

If your kitten is an inside animal, then you need to ensure that they have a place to go to the bathroom. Rather than just purchasing a traditional litter box, it is important to find one from the pet supply store that is covered. A covered litter box does a much better job of reducing the odor in your home and instead keeps the small only within the litter box. You can also find some high-quality litter at the pet supply store that does a great job of absorbing odors. 

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