How Controlling Hair Shedding Can Keep Your Cat Healthy

The allergies and the hair can make it hard for some households to commit to getting a cat for a pet. Some people are allergic to cats, but it is not the hair. They are allergic to the proteins in the cat's saliva that has attached to the hair. Read on to find out how controlling hair shedding can keep your cat healthy.

Why Is Cat Hair A Nuisance?

Shedding is a nuisance that goes further than allergies. Cat hair can get all over your household. It coats your furniture, rugs, and gets distributed through your heating and cooling system. This hair can also get on your clothing.

Outdoor cats shed most of their hair during the fall and spring. However, an indoor cat can shed all year-round.

Stop The Shedding

If you want to keep your house cleaner, then you need to regularly brush your cat. It helps to pay attention to your pet's coat when going through a brushing session. Sometimes, it will produce very little fur and at other times producing a handful of hair when brushing.

Regular brushing cuts down on the amount of hair that your pet loses. It helps to use the right tools like animal gloves for de-shedding to carry out this process. Many cat owners are hesitant about brushing their cats. They are worried about hurting them.

Grooming gloves allow you to gently massage the fur while removing loose hair. They are easy to use and mimics the touch of your hand. The hair sticks to the glove and you can just pull it off.

What Happens When You Don't Control The Shedding?

If you do not regularly groom your cat, then your pet will self-groom. Self-grooming leads to your cat ingesting loose hairs. This is a problem for indoor cats. It comes from the cat's hair growing too long and from your pet grooming other cats in the household. As the cat is pulling hair, the animal is ingesting some of it. Eventually, a mass of hair starts to form in your cat's stomach. It is difficult for the hairball to pass through the intestines. This results in your cat's digestive system becoming messed up.

A hairball is a foreign substance and it must be removed from the body. This may result in your pet having to vomit.

The myth is that cats make an easy pet. However, a cat still requires care. Cats still need to eat a healthy diet, get regular grooming, and routine vet visits. Contact a company like Hands On Gloves for more information and assistance.