Deer Velvet Supplements For Treating A Sports Injury

Constant muscle aches from playing sports can interfere with other activities, such as being fully productive at work. If you have been injured numerous times while playing sports, a portion of the pain can be caused from damaged joints. If you have been trying to cope with the condition due to not wanting to take pain medication, consider trying to resolve the problem using a natural method. Something that you should consider trying out is a supplement that consists of deer velvet powder. Take a look at this article for some helpful information in regards to deer velvet supplements.

1. Where Velvet Comes from on a Deer

The velvet that is in the supplements comes from the antlers of a deer. All deer antlers are not used for the supplements, as the velvet is present during a certain stage in which the antlers grow. Basically, there is a stage in which the antlers become covered in soft fuzz, which is what the velvet is. The fuzz along with the antlers is what makes up deer velvet supplements. Also, the antlers that are used comes from the male species of deer.

2. How Deer Velvet Supplements Can Help Your Body

Deer velvet, or antler powder, supplements can be used for treating numerous health problems. In the case of pain from sports injuries, the supplements are helpful because they can promote healing of the joints. Basically, the cartilage in joints can be improved by taking the supplements. The healing stems from a growth hormone in the deer velvet that is called insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). The hormone builds up a base of protein and promotes new cell growth so injuries can begin to heal.

3. Precautions That Should Be Considered for the Supplements

Although deer velvet supplements can be purchased over-the-counter, you might want to get the advice of a physician before taking them if you have underlying conditions. For example, if you have any conditions that affects your hormones, the supplements should be used with caution. The reason why is because the velvet can act like the hormone called estrogen. Going to a physician for advice is also the best way to find out the specific dosage amount that is right for your needs. If you don't visit a physician, be sure the follow the dosage directions that comes with the supplements to ensure that you don't ingest an amount that is not in your best interest.