Building A Reef Tank? 3 Things To Know About Ricordea

If you want to build a fish tank that has an active reef in it, one of the best plants to start with is the Ricordea, which is more commonly referred to as Flower Mushroom Coral or Disc Anemone; both terms refer to the same plant that is scientifically known as Ricordea.

Ricordea Is Great for Beginners

If you are building your first coral reef inside of a fish tank, Ricordea is a great plant to start with. It is an extremely hardy plant that is able to thrive in even the harshest conditions. Ricordea just needs a little sand, some rock, and a little movement of air and water in order to survive. Even if you only have an air stone in your tank, that will provide enough movement for your mushroom coral plant to thrive.

What Your Ricordea Needs

Although ricordea is able to survive in harsh tank climates, it is still best to set up a situation inside of your tank that makes it easy for the plant to thrive. To start with, ricordea is a coral, which usually means that it grows deep down on the floor of the ocean, which is why ricordea, like other coral refer dwellers, actually prefers indirect light and shade. You don't need to hang up a VHO fluorescent or metal halide light for this type of tank.

Most coral reef plants also enjoy lower water currents. Once again, coral reefs are located on the floor of the ocean, where the current is not as strong. That is why a low-water current is the best for your reef tank.

Your coral reef also needs to have a substrate to grow upon. You need to provide rocks, sand, and perhaps even things such as driftwood. This will provide the ricordea and any other plants you put in your coral tank a surface to grow on.

It Takes Time for the Plant to Adjust

When you add ricordea to your tank, be prepared for it to take a few days for the plant to adjust. It is common for Ricordea to contract either part way or all of the way when you first put it into the tank. That doesn't mean that anything is wrong with your tank, this is just a defense mechanism that is built into the plant that allows it to adjust to a new environment.

After a few days, as the ricordea gets used to the environment in your tank, it will slowly open back up so that you can enjoy and appreciate its beauty.

For more information about ricordea for reef tanks, contact a local pet store or other tank suppliers.